Electronic Descaling; the Water Softener Alternative

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Business & Economics

There once was a time when conventional water softeners were the solution to hard water. Indeed, the innovation of water softeners was introduced in an era when scientific control over environmental processes was just underway. Coinciding with the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States, and its water policies, water conditioning systems offered a consumer version of remediation.

Today, as a result of early water remediation systems, new developments such as electronic descaling systems, offer consumers a water softener alternative. Unlike conventional water softeners which required continuous maintenance and expense in the form of chemicals and salt additives, electronic descaling is a one-time installation with zero maintenance. Computerized descaling technologies use electromagnetic coils to mitigate ionic processes found in water.

Tap Water Remediation

Hard water decreases the life of a building’s plumbing infrastructure. Lime scale build-up in pipes, and appliances associated with costs related to replacement of plumbing pipes, bath and kitchen fixtures, and utility appliances is caused by hard water.

If tap water is too hard, it usually means that metal density caused by mineral ionization is taking place. When mineral ions adhere to each other or to surfaces such as plumbing fixtures or pipes, lime scale deposits form. Once accumulated, corrosion and galvanization of pipes can lead to plumbing and utility problems, breaking appliances and increasing the cost of utility bills.

Treatment of tap water with a water softener system reduces the deleterious effects of hard water. The drawback to conventional water softener devices is upkeep. Electronic water descaling systems offer an economic, water softener alternative to traditional solutions. Unlike other methods of water softening, electronic descaling remediates the hardening effects in water at the source of the problem, resulting in less costs and maintenance.

Water Remediation with Electronic Descaling

Electronic descaling interferes with minerals in water at the molecular level. Descaling places an electro-magnetic charge into the water system. Electro-magnetic coils placed in a building’s water main create an oscillating field of modulated wave frequencies, altering the physical properties inducing hard water ionization. When the remediation process is complete, calcium and other lime scale causing minerals are no longer adhere to fixtures, pipes and surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Water Remediation Solutions

Designed and engineered for use in residential, commercial, and residential infrastructure, electronic descaling systems are the water softener alternative solution to hard water problems. Eliminate the deleterious effects of hard water with a more robust and efficient remediation technology than conventional water softener systems.

Electronic descaling systems are an economic solution to hard water. Salvage the plumbing and energy utilities with an electronic water descaling system. No other technology works more effectively to combat mineral ionization in water.

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