Enjoying Cruise Tours in Guilford CT

When someone is going to go on one of the exciting cruise tours in Guilford CT they may wonder what belongings to bring along for the excursion. Comfort should be foremost in the mind, so the trip is enjoyed to the fullest. Here are some must have items to bring along on the boat tour.

If someone is planning on taking the cruise in the summer time or the daytime hours, sunglasses and a sun hat can be very helpful. This will help the person see the sites without annoying sun glare blocking the view. Sunglasses would also be helpful in keeping any flying droplets or wind out of the eyes. The hat will help keep away sunburn while keeping hair from whipping around the face. When someone has long hair, this would be very handy as the speed of the cruise boat could make winds rather vigorous for those standing on deck.

Sunscreen should be brought on board. Even if someone doesn’t burn regularly, the sun can be enhanced by the surrounding reflection of the water. This is a precaution everyone on the cruise should take. Wearing light-colored shirts with flowing sleeves and full coverage cotton pants on the legs can keep a person comfortable while remaining cool.

If the cruise allows for it, bring along a bottle of water. It is easy to become dehydrated while out in the blazing sun and people often forget to drink water if they aren’t feeling hot because of the cooling winds. Having it in the hand will be a reminder to drink it regularly. If drinks are not allowed, be sure to drink plenty of water before getting on the boat. Some boats will require only beverages they sell on board are consumed. It is a good idea to ask in advance.

If someone is interested in going on one of the Cruise Tours in Guilford CT, they can contact us for further information. Someone would be available to answer questions, pricing options could be explored in detail, and an appointment could be made to take the tour as well if desired.

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