Enroll Your Children in a Premier Jewish Day School

Every child deserves the best education possible. This includes children with developmental delays and learning disabilities. You can enroll them in a Jewish special needs school in Florida that provides high quality secular and Judaic education opportunities that range from 1st grade through the 12th grade. A school the caterers to children with learning disabilities puts an extra special emphasis on meeting the individual needs of every student. You can depend on their faculty as well as their staff to nurture your child’s development so that they may achieve a high degree of social and academic success. They will be given all of the skills and tools needed to empower them as well as give them the opportunity to fully meet their own unique potential.

Encourage the Best in Your Child

When you enroll your child in a Jewish day school that focuses on a model of integration, you’re giving your child the opportunity to also become successful members of the community. While still operating within a large environment, tailored instruction is also offered in both self-contained and inclusion classrooms. Students will be encouraged to engage as well as contribute so that they understand the importance of learning. Being able to attend a school the provides a day school campus will also give your child access to a variety of activities, resources and celebrations, as well.

Your Child Will Receive Tailored Instruction

With the student-teacher ratio of 3 to 1 it’s easy to see how your child can receive specified tailored instruction that perfectly fits their learning needs. A school like Kesher provides self-contained classes that allow small groups to learn through multiple modalities that have been designed to address behavioral, academic, emotional and social needs for every student. An atmosphere that also includes positive reinforcement techniques simply enhances the delivery of instruction in regards to a cooperative and collaborative approach to learning.

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