Epoxy Floors Come With a Wide Range of Benefits

Epoxy Floors Come With a Wide Range of Benefits

Are you thinking about a new floor for the garage or maybe the kitchen? Perhaps you run an automotive shop or a retail establishment. Epoxy floors are an excellent choice for so many reasons. Let’s check out some of the many benefits you can receive.

Seamless Flooring

One of the biggest problems businesses and homeowners face is cleaning floors. It can be particularly hard when dirt and debris gets trapped in floor seams. This will not be a problem when you decide to go with epoxy, because you have a seamless floor. Running a push broom over the surface will get just about all the dirt, dust, and other things. Plus, cleaning a seamless floor is relatively easy.

Resistant to Chemicals and Oil

Suppose you decide to redo the floor in your garage. Stains and problems with all kinds of automotive fluids can be extremely frustrating. In fact, these chemicals can stain concrete and make it almost impossible to clean. Your new epoxy floors will not get stained from chemicals and will stay looking good for a long time.

Improved Safety

Epoxy type flooring can increase safety on the job in several ways. For example, because it reflects light much better than standard concrete, it makes for a brighter place to work and it will be easier for everyone to see. Many types of epoxy flooring products are designed to be skid resistant and this is very important for people driving equipment on loading docks exposed to the weather.


Standard concrete is not waterproof. In fact, it is porous. Epoxy effectively seals concrete floors so you will not have to worry about water getting into the concrete. Over time, saturated concrete will eventually weaken and wear more easily.

Impressive Surface

Many businesses are looking to attract more customers and beautiful floors make a statement. When people see bright, shiny, seamless and attractive floors, they know this business is well taken care of. This is an excellent way to instill confidence and make a favorable first impression.

Many Choices

You have many options when you decide to install epoxy floors in your home or business. You can choose high impact epoxy for areas which are subject to frequent abuse. Some products are designed to be self leveling which makes the installation process easier and less expensive. You also can choose flooring like quartz or flake when need an attractive floor surface which is very impressive and durable.

If you would like to see how epoxy floors can benefit your business or home, come to Dex-O-Tex. We provide many flooring solutions and you can visit us online today at http://dex-o-tex.com/ for more information.

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