Finding Reliable and Quality AC Services in Branford CT

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Business & Economics

Refrigeration, air conditioning and heating are fundamental utilities that are intended to make your life more comfortable. During the winter, experiencing a heater breakdown can ultimately bring you unexpected winter blues. In the summer, a working air conditioning system is sometimes underestimated yet it is one of the most essential service you can have. The same can be said about refrigeration. If you are looking for a relaible ac service in Brandford CT, here are some key factors to consider.

The warranty
Check what the warranty covers and for how long it lasts. Make sure you read the terms before accepting to find out how the warranty works. If you are required to hire a HVAC professional when installing the AC, do so to save the warranty which will prove very useful in the future. For instance, if your AC system should break prematurely, the warranty will guarantee that either the supplier provides free repair services or replace the item. Alternatively, the supplier will refund an amount equivalent to the purchase or repair cost, which will save you from having to incur unforeseen expenses.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficient systems are usually more expensive when purchasing but in the long run turn out to save more money. Look for systems that have an energy star logo. Such systems have been tested and satisfied to save more energy. Saving energy means that you get to save more money.

The cost
The more expensive units actually prove their worth in the future because of their energy saving abilities. When finding the cost of an air conditioner, consider energy consumption rather than initial cost of purchasing the unit. Cheaper units will actually be more expensive in the long run. An added advantage of more costly units is the reduction of noise. The cheaper units make more noise and this can be very irritating.

If you are looking for a professional cooling and heating company that offers the most advanced and reliable HVAC systems, contact R&B refrigeration, air conditioning and heating. They offer quality ac service in Brandford CT and are available for emergency response and repair. visit for more information on their services.

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