Finding the Right Safety Technician

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

Figuring out the ins and outs of safety for your business is difficult. What are the dangers in your workplace? What can you do to prepare for or avoid them? How do these regulations translate into action? If you are full of safety questions for your workplace, a safety technician can help. Technicians come into your work place, evaluate safety, and help you create safety regulations and practices suited to your workplace. Here are some tips for how to find the right safety technician for you.

Certifications and Training

Make sure the technician has the proper certifications in your state for creating safety practices. Check their specific training, as well. You don’t want someone trained for basic office safety creating the practices for your manufacturing plant. If you operate in a specific, niche industry then you especially need to check the technician’s background. Make sure they already have some familiarity and experience with your field.


Research or ask about the technician’s specific experience. Have they worked in settings similar to yours before? Try to find out some of the results, if you can. Did their practices lead to less workplace accidents, or emergencies handled better? If the technician doesn’t know, try contacting past clients to ask about their satisfaction. Experience tailored to your industry is the best.

Ask Around

Talk to others in your industry about specific technicians. Make sure to ask about their safety goals before considering their review on a technician. Did they want the bare minimum safety to maintain efficiency? Were they willing to go the extra mile to keep their employees as safe as possible? Finding someone whose goals align with yours brings the most helpful reviews.


What are the safety regulations for your industry? Researching those might point you in the direction of a few technicians. If nothing else, research gives you the knowledge necessary to evaluate other technicians.

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