A General Dentist Is Your Family’s Friend

A general dentist, often referred to as a family dentist, is a dental professional that provides the basic dental care that all members of the family need. A general dentist in Downers Grove provides a host of dental services including regular checkups and cleanings as well as repair of decayed teeth, the replacement of amalgam fillings with safe white fillings, dental implants, dentures and more.

The daily routine of a general dentist:

On a daily basis a general dentist in Downers Grove deals with the dental needs of established patients and opens his doors to new patients needing dental treatment. A general dentist is concerned with preventing problems as well as addressing them, as such a lot of what he or she does during a typical day focus around checkups and cleanings. Patients with chronic dental concerns will require close monitoring and need more attention than the bulk of patients to ensure good dental health.

As a general dentist, there are times when the needs of the patient cannot be satisfied. When the dentist runs up against an issue which is not part of his skill-set the patient will be referred to a specialist that can deal with the problem.

A good number of general dentists are now offering cosmetic dental services along with the basic care that patients expect.

Lifelong dental care:

As a general dentist in Downers Grove is comfortable dealing with the dental needs of the entire family, from children through seniors, there is a tendency to see the same dentist for many years. Starting with patients when they are very young allows the general dentist to become intimate with the dental needs of the patient, providing ongoing care in areas of particular concern. This knowledge of his or her patients allows the dentist to catch potential problems while they are still manageable.

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