Get A DUI Lawyer In Chicago To Fight Your DUI Charge

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Lawyers

A DUI is driving under the influence. It doesn’t mean just driving drunk. It encompasses drunk driving and even driving with legal medications that are causing you to drive impaired. Having a DUI Lawyer in Chicago to represent you through the process of defense for your outcome is the best thing to have. DUI penalties can be harsh even for first time offenders.

The legal limit for a DUI is .08 BAC. BAC stands for blood alcohol content. You could be charged with a DUI even if your BAC is .05 to .08 depending on the circumstances and why the police pulled you were arrested. For example, if you were swerving all over the road or were involved in an accident that was your fault, you could be charged with a DUI for a .05 to a .08 BAC.

A DUI Lawyer in Chicago understands the DUI law. If you have never been charged before with a DUI, depending on the severity of your BAC, you may be able to have your charged reduced to reckless driving and only get court supervision instead of possibly losing your license. If you’ve had previous charges before, you could end up in jail and additional fines. The penalty for a DUI increases with each DUI arrest.

If you hold a CDL and are arrested for DUI even if you’re not driving your tractor trailer truck, it can still affect your license. For example, if you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, your license will be revoked for one year. This would prohibit you from making a living driving truck. If you are found guilty of DUI when you possess a CDL in a non-commercial vehicle you will still lose your license for a year for a first time offense. If you are arrested again, you will lose your CDL for a lifetime.

John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. is a reputable and experienced DUI attorney. He knows the law as well as the court system. He will fight for you for the best possible outcome of your DUI case. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, don’t delay in contacting an attorney immediately.


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