Getting Past Drug Addiction: Your Options for Treatment

Acknowledging that you have a problem with substance abuse is one of the best decisions you could have made for yourself. You are now on the path towards recovery and, with some time and effort, you will be well on your way towards living a new life. There are various treatment options that you can go for, each with their own pros and cons. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know what treatment option would be the best for you.

In-Patient Treatment

This type of treatment is also known as residential rehab which basically consists of you checking in at a local rehab center in Los Angeles for an extended stay. This type of treatment is done so that you can be placed in an isolated environment that is more conducive towards treatment and prevents instances of relapse due to outside interference.

While this type of rehabilitation has been popularized by celebrities due to its supposed effectiveness, what you need to understand is that it is only as effective as you allow it to be. You have to be willing to actually get better, you have to desire it with all of your being and you need to allow the personnel to do their job. If you don’t cooperate, then it will not work at all.

Out-Patient Treatment

This method of patient treatment consists of a patient visiting the doctor on a regular basis. This is to enable the doctor to examine their current psychological condition, the effectiveness of the treatment procedures and whether the potential for relapse is there. This is one of the most affordable methods of treatment since it is done outside of a care facility; however, its level of effectiveness is somewhat doubted since it has been shown to have a high rate of relapse.

The problem with this method is that patients are still exposed to the social and environmental factors that caused them to turn to drugs in the first place. This level of constant exposure creates a greater chance for a person to be tempted to go back to taking drugs. One of the reasons why in-patient treatment is highly recommended is because the isolation it provides helps to prevent the problems that out-patients experience.


Considered as one of the most unlikely methods to actually work, self-treatment consists of a person stopping all drug use and attempting to “wait out” the addiction. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a specialized care facility, experienced personnel and medicine meant to curb the addiction, this method is highly unsuccessful and is not recommended at all.

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