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Actually, getting a good sleep at sometime within each day’s 24hours is a good thing regardless of where you do it or at what time of the day (or night) you choose to sleep. Estimates vary as to how long we need to sleep but all agree that we need several hour’s continuous deep sleep is to preserve our health (both mental and physical).

Comfort And Support Are The Keys To Good Sleep

This was known even back in the Neolithic ages when our cave dwelling ancestors would place something relatively soft on their rock floors to insulate their bodies from the hard sharp and often cold nature of the floor on which they slept. Branches, twigs, leaves, grass, animal furs and hides were often put to this use. However, they did little to protect the sleeper from bugs or small reptiles and animals that might be crawling around the cave floor – for this purpose; they “invented” a bed like structure to raise their sleeping layer above the floor level.

By the time of the Persian Empire (around 3,600 BC) goatskins filled with water were being used to provide a more comfortable pallet to lie upon. Placing a pallet’s stuffing inside a cloth bag only became popular around Roman times (circa 200 BC) and, even then, reeds or hay were the main fillers (although wealthier Romans did use wool or feathers for extra softness).

It took until the 16TH Century (AD) for bed frames to become more ”flexible” by replacing wooden slats with a latticework of rope or leather strips to provide some give under the weight of a sleeping body. By the middle of the 18TH Century, sleeping pallets began to take on a form that was basically similar to today’s mattresses. The covers were sewn from better quality textiles and filled with natural fibers such as coconut, cotton, wool, or horsehair – feathers and down remained popular amongst the rich. Instead of resembling a stuffed sack, the pallet became box shaped with flat top and bottom and four vertical sides. The stuffing fillers were attached to the cover in a process known as “tufting” or “buttoning” and the cover edges were stitched together. Inner springs were introduced around the end of the 19TH Century. In 1899, the compressed cotton stuffing was patented and the “Mattress from Sealy” was born.

Innovation Quickly Followed Innovation

Mattresses bearing the Sealy name were amongst the forerunners when it came to improving the support given to a sleeping body without sacrificing comfort. Support is usually associated with firmness whereas we tend to think that comfortable equates to softness. When you buy a Sealy Mattress In Jackson, MS from the showrooms of Mattress Direct; you will be getting the best hybrid combination of support with comfort. Visit us on

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