The Great Importance of Safe Memory Care

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Healthcare

As we age, some memory loss is practically inevitable, with some seniors experiencing greater degrees of memory loss. Being diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory-related conditions can be devastating to both the individual and his or her family. Safe and effective memory care is important because the individual can benefit from targeted, individualized intervention programs using medications and activities such as those provided at facilities in New Jersey like Chelsea Senior Living.

Chelsea Senior Living runs facilities throughout the state of New Jersey. Among the Chelsea specialized options include the Country Cottage, which is designed to meet the needs of clients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Memory care involves offering assistance with daily living, while encouraging as much independence and empowerment as possible. Individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s need specialized care and attention, and need to be cared for by attentive and supportive staff. Moreover, the seniors in care homes like the Country Cottage need regular access to social interactions. Memory care services at Chelsea offer residents care 24/7, also inviting family members to take part in the care decisions and to visit loved ones regularly. Part of the memory care services include encouraging family members to provide family photos and other types of memorabilia and sentimental items to help the senior feel comfortable and at home.

Memory care also includes dietary and lifestyle regimes that mitigate memory loss. The meals provided in the assisted living facility should be healthy and prepared according to the unique dietary needs and tastes of each resident, as they most certainly are at Chelsea’s Country Cottage. Also at Chelsea, the residents have access to enjoyable recreational and leisure spaces, and can enjoy the great outdoors safely and monitored by staff.

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