Do Hand Dryers Benefit You Financially?

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Do you walk into public bathrooms and still find yourself reaching into a dispenser for paper towels? Do you consider the ease of taking an excessive amount of paper towels and throwing half of them out without even using them? Do you want to transform your bathroom into an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective place with the best hand dryers? In the past, hand dryers were seen as pricey, noisy, and unnecessary. Users of these hand dryers were weary of using them because of word that bacteria would be spread everywhere when the air blows on your hands. Past dryers also took much longer to dry off your hands, and many users abandoned them before their hands were even dried.

Increase in Use

An increase in awareness of the benefits that a hand dryer can provide financially has attracted many companies and facilities to this modern method of hand drying. Hand dryers that can provide high-speed technology and low energy costs are in high demand.


It takes about 17 trees to produce a ton of paper. A paper towel costs about two cents, but using a hand dryer for a pair of hands only costs a tenth of a cent. Therefore, the investment of a hand dryer is much more cost effective and environmentally-friendly in the long run. You can also avoid costs to dispose of these paper towels. You can not only save your money but save trees as well.

Payback Period

Although there is typically a payback period of between 9 to 12 months, you are saving money after this because the hand dryer can be paid off, but you would still be purchasing paper towels.

Maintenance Free

Hand dryers are usually maintenance free unless a serious issue was to occur. This way you can avoid paying staff to replace paper towels or manage the inventory.

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