What Happens at an Infant Checkup

What Happens at an Infant Checkup

Infants are generally classified as babies who are anywhere from newborns to 12 months of age. In your baby’s first year of life, he or she will have several doctor visits. Each appointment is scheduled at a regular interval to ensure that your baby is growing and progressing as expected. Here are some things you can expect at an infant checkup in North Charleston, SC.

Developmental Markers

Your baby’s pediatrician will check to make sure that your child is developing according to standard markers for each stage of development in the first year of life. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants get six checkups in their first year: at one, two, four, six, nine and 12 months. At each visit, there are specific developmental milestones for that age that your baby’s doctor will be looking for. These include markers in social and emotional behavior, language, and communication, cognitive skills, as well as movement and physical development.

Physical Exam

An infant checkup in North Charleston, SC will involve a full exam of your baby’s body. The doctor will look at and examine the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, abdomen, skin and genitalia, and listen to the heart and lungs. An infant’s head still has a “soft spot” called a fontanel, which is the part of the cranium where the bones haven’t yet fused together, and the doctor will check this as well.

Immunizations and Screenings

An infant receives many immunizations between birth and 12 months. Your child’s doctor can help you understand how these immunizations work and what illnesses they prevent. Screenings also take place at various intervals throughout the first year. These can include hearing tests and blood tests like a hemoglobin screening to test for anemia.

Newborns and growing infants should get checkups several times in their first 12 months. An infant checkup in North Charleston, SC can help your newborn baby stay healthy throughout the first year of life. Visit the website http://www.charlestonpalmettopediatrics.com/ for more information.

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