Hire a Construction Injury Lawyer When a Company Violates OSHA Standards

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Workers Compensation Lawyer

Because construction work is dangerous by nature, injuries are common. There are multiple inspection procedures, regulations and safety programs to prevent on-the-job injuries, but hazards like electrocution, falling materials and chemical exposure still exist. If one is injured in a construction site accident, a personal injury claim can allow them to receive fair compensation. Read further to learn how a construction injury claim works.

Safety and Preventive Measures Can Help People Avoid Construction Injury Claims

If a person works in construction, they should follow safety rules at all times. The general contractor and/or property manager are responsible for compliance with OSHA guidelines, which requires them to:

  • Remove all hazards from the jobsite
  • Provide safe equipment and tools
  • Display and tell employees about OSHA rules
  • Create an incident and hazard report program
  • Provide safety manuals
  • Provide employees with a copy of the company’s exposure record

OSHA also provides workers with rights of access to safety standards, injury records, inspection records and hazard test results. If there is an unsafe condition in the workplace, the worker should call the local OSHA officer or file an online complaint.

Filing an Injury Claim

If an on-the-job injury occurs because an employer, property manager or contractor has not implemented OSHA standards, they should seek medical attention right away. Once the victim receives treatment, they should consider visiting website to speak to a Construction Injury Lawyer. An injury occurring on a construction site typically falls under worker’s comp regulations, which may prevent a victim from suing the at-fault party. A local attorney can explain how personal injury and worker’s compensation claims work, and they can help the client determine the right steps to take.

Worker’s Comp vs. Personal Injury

Worker’s comp is a type of mandatory insurance that provides a pre-set benefit amount to an injured worker, regardless of responsibility for the work injury. Worker’s comp covers:

  • Medical treatment
  • Temporary and permanent disability
  • Vocational rehab

The law limits the amount a worker and their Construction Injury Lawyer can recover from the employer, and it prohibits one coworker from suing another. Worker’s compensation is a low-cost alternative to litigation, and it is the sole remedy for workplace injuries not caused by a third party. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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