Houses for Rent in New York City are Near the 40/40 Club

Those who have houses for rent in New York City who are sports fans know how great it is to live near fun places such as the 40/40 Club. Owners Jay-Z and Sean Perez opened the doors back in June of 2003, and since then it has been a hit with the fellas (being that it’s a sports bar) as well as the ladies (because it’s also a high-class lounge).

Where the Name Came From

On the 40/40 Club’s Official Website, Hip-Hop Mogul and Owner Jay-Z said that he wanted a great name for a sports bar since he is a big fan of sports himself. Entrance into the 40/40 category means that a player has hit 40 homers and has made 40 steals in a single season. There are only four players so far in history that have done it.

The Players that Made It into 40/40 History

The very first one was #33 Jose Conseco of the Oakland A’s. Back in 1988 he stole second base to make 40 steals, then asked the umpire could he have the base and take it home. The umpire at first hesitated, but then a few seconds later said yes. He gave him a pat on the back, and Jose pulled it up out of the dirt and held it in the air over his head in celebration. Many fans who had houses for rent in New York City that were at home watching the game that day remember the announcer yelling “Give it to him! It’s his…He stole it!” as a happy Jose handed it to a teammate and returned to second base.
Barry Bonds, #55 from the San Francisco Giants was next to make the elite 40/40 club. The minute he stole his 40th base (which was also second base), he began pointing down at it, probably thinking to himself “If they gave it to Jose, they better give me my base to take home too!” The umpires did, so he pulled it up out of the ground and handed it to the bat boy. Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod was next, but #3 of the Seattle Mariners joined the club with a homerun instead of a stolen base in 1998. Last but not least #12 Alfonso Soriano entered the 40/40 Club with another stolen second base in 2006. He slid on his stomach, then wasted no time pulling the base out of the ground as he received his well-deserved standing ovation.
After you’ve been out looking for houses for rent in New York City all day long, you will simply need a nice, laid back spot to unwind that evening. The 40/40 Club is the ideal place.

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