How Experts Simplify Choosing Cemetery Monuments in Connecticut

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Business

Choosing a cemetery memorial is never an easy task, but monument experts can make it easier. When customers work with professionals like Shelley Brothers Monuments CT, specialists sensitively guide their choices. Craftsmen help clients design Monuments in Connecticut to suit their needs and wants. Technicians also offer on-site cemetery lettering and monument restoration.

Professionals Gently Guide Clients

Established monument companies work closely with local cemeteries and are aware of any restrictions they place on memorials. As a result, designers will gently suggest the most suitable options for each need. For example, some burial grounds allow only head or foot stones or slant markers. Others include crypts, statues, and memorials of any size. Regardless of the size and type, monument specialists make sure that every marker is elegant and designed to last.

Craftsmanship Guarantees Elegant Results

Creating personalized memorials is an art that has traditionally been done by skilled craftsmen. Today, the finest companies combine that age-old skill with modern technology. They use computer technology that allows artisans to create images of proposed Monuments in Connecticut. Customers can tweak ideas until they are perfect. Craftsmen provide style and design suggestions, but customers who have their own ideas can request custom memorials. Technicians offer them a wide choice of materials, sizes, contours, emblems, and carvings. In addition, stones can be ordered in colors that include pink, mahogany, black, rose, and gray.

Technicians Offer Monument Lettering and Restoration

Specialists can add lettering to existing memorials. They travel to cemeteries and work on-site. This is common in family plots which already have inscriptions but need a new name and dates added. Technicians can match fonts and colors precisely. They will also clean and restore older memorials so that lettering can be read. Craftsmen offer hand etching and will repaint old memorials. They work with materials that include wood, brick, and stone. Experts can modify lettering to fit finishes and carving types.

Although selecting a gravestone is never easy, memorial designers can ease the process. They have the experience to help clients choose memorials that are the best size, shape, color, and material for their needs. Specialists can also add lettering to existing memorials and restore old ones.

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