How To Acquire 24 Hour Bail Bonds Now

How To Acquire 24 Hour Bail Bonds Now

Des Moines, IA defendants who aren’t aware of the process for acquiring a bail bond need guidance. These individuals may lack access to these services after their arrest and may require outside assistance. For this reason, a family member or responsible representative is needed to secure 24 Hour Bail Bonds for these individuals.

Identify What is Needed to Acquire the Bond

A bail bondsman in Des Moines, IA provides information about what is needed to start the bonding process. This could include the exact name of the defendant, and their booking number is accessible. The bondsman needs the location of the jail and its name to locate the inmate. Any information that isn’t available to the representative for the accused may be obtained by a local bondsman. These agents work with the court and local jails to process bonds frequently. This allows for working relationships with correctional officers and court officials. These individuals help agents acquire the necessary information when necessary.

Determine How to Pay the Bail Bonds Man to Acquire the Bond

The representative acting for the defendant has two primary options for acquiring a bail bond. They could provide the exact fees needed for the bond with cash, check, or a credit card payment. This fee is between ten and fifteen percent of the total bail value.

If they aren’t able to provide this percentage via cash or payment, they could use collateral to secure the bond. The bonding agent accepts deeds and titles for automobiles, real property, or stocks. They may also accept high valued jewelry as collateral.

Discuss the Repercussions of Failing to Appear

The acquisition of the bond is an unspoken guarantee that the defendant will appear on their court date as directed. However, if they fail to appear, the representative who secured their bond will lose the full balance of their payment. If they used collateral to secure it, the property is seized for the full value of the bail. A warrant is issued for the defendant.

Des Moines, IA defendants need access to 24 Hour Bail Bonds. These opportunities help them acquire a quick release from the county jail. These bonds present a more affordable option for defendants with limited resources. Defendants who need to post bond should contact their preferred bondsman or visit their website for FREE bail advice!

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