How to Choose the Perfect Caterer for Your Wedding Day

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Event Planning

If you are searching for delicious wedding catering in New York City, you are going to have no lack of options. It might seem like any caterer is as good as another, but it’s not that simple. The caterer has a huge impact on your wedding and it goes beyond doing some cooking. The catering team helps coordinate the flow of dinner and wedding reception itself. Before you choose a caterer, there are some things you should think about a few things first.

Don’t Plan Until You Budget

It’s an excellent idea to come up with food and drink budget before you start contacting caterers. Not only does this provide you with an idea of which companies you can afford, the companies can also adapt a proposal based on your needs. Wedding catering in New York City might include seated, buffet, or family-style menus and this means you’ll get a few options that you know are within your means.

Communicate with Your Wedding Venue

Sometimes your venue will have a list of potential vendors which you can use as a starting place. However, this does not mean you have to go with the person they prefer. If you choose an alternate catering company, ask the venue about any requirements they might have. There may be a need to provide the company is licensed or certified to provide the services you want.

Talk to More than One Company

It’s always a good idea to get proposals from a handful of companies. This will allow you to compare the menu options, service options, and costs between the companies. Make sure you let the caterer know what type of wedding you are having and how many people are coming but they should tell you how many bartenders, appetizers, courses, waiters, and chefs they think you need. There can be major differences between companies so take time to look over everything before making a choice.

Request Tasting with Your Favorites

Once you’ve narrowed your options down, have tastings with the two or three companies you like the most. Some companies don’t offer tastings before a contract is signed but often you can attend and event to try the food you will be serving. Many companies that offer wedding catering in New York City also offer a mini tasting for a small fee.

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