How to Do Teeth Whitening in Ahwatukee AZ

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Do you have a tooth or teeth that are discolored? Are they making you feel uncomfortable? You don’t need to worry because the best teeth whitening in Ahwatukee AZ will solve your problem by ensuring your teeth have a brighter look and a great feel. This will leave you with a more confident to approach life and a better smile to face the world.

Without removing your tooth or damaging the surface, the color of your teeth can be given a lighter and more efficient brighter look through the mechanism of teeth whitening. This procedure involves scrubbing off the colored tooth to whiten or lighten it. To understand this concept of teeth whitening, you need to know some of the reasons a tooth may discolor.

Causes of Tooth Discoloring

1. Early childhood tooth decay when it was forming

2. Staining that could be under the enamel surface causing little cracks on the teeth

3. Cigarette smoking can cause a dark shade on the tooth enamel causing it to discolor

4. Taking a lot of antibiotics

5. The effects of tartar

What Tooth whitening Involve

Before you visit any dentist make sure that he is highly skilled and professional in this field to avoid any further damage to your teeth. After identifying the dentist, it is advisable that he first does a check up to see what best suits you before he begins on the process of whitening your teeth.

The ingredient used to whiten teeth mostly is hydrogen peroxide which breaks down the discoloration to allow oxygen to get into the enamel and the dentin to make the colored tooth lighter.

Different Types of Teeth Whitening

1) Professional bleaching is one of the most common methods of whitening teeth

2) There is also the dentist-supervised home whitening which involves a fitting tray made for your mouth and a whitening gel to use at home

3) The laser whitening which is not necessarily a laser procedure but a reaction of gel and light on your teeth that speed up the whitening process

4) The chair side whitening involves the dentist putting a rubber shield on your gum for protection. This procedure is followed by applying the whitening products on your teeth

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