How to Pick Out the Perfect Glass Pipe in Long Island

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Shopping

Hand blown glass pipes aren’t just for smoking tobacco they are beautiful, functional, and unique works of art. Some hand blown glass pipes are often bought as collection items that will never be used to smoked from. If you are searching for a Glass Pipe in Long Island to smoke from or add to your collection you won’t be disappointed in the selection.

When you set out to buy a glass pipe the first thing you will probably notice are all of the different choices you have when it comes to design. Depending on whether you are buying the pipe for a collection or to actually smoke from will determine which style of pipe you will look for. Glass pipes bought strictly as art are going to be easier to buy because art is subjective. Basically if you like it, buy it.

However, if you want to smoke from your glass pipe you might want to be a bit more critical than just enjoying how it looks. Shopping for a glass pipe at a store is preferable to buying a pipe online. Being in the store with the pipes gives you the chance to hold the pipe and see how it feels in your hand. You can examine the pipe for any flaws. Pictures from an online store don’t always capture the entire pipe and it’s hard to tell what it may look like if the picture was taken in poor lighting. You will also want to pay attention to things like how thick the glass is. The thicker the glass the more it will hold up to accidental drops. Other things to note are the size of the bowl in the pipe, this determines how much tobacco can be smoked at one time. Also how narrow is the chamber? Pipes with a more narrow chambers will require you to pull much harder than the ones with a thicker chamber.

Shopping for your glass pipe in Long Island can also be a fun experience. The staff at the shop should be pretty knowledgeable about the different pipes and how effectively you can smoke from them. Remember to have fun and find a glass pipe that you will be proud to display and smoke from.


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