How to Prepare for a Root Canal

The good news is that the dental professional has found the reason for all that pain. Unfortunately, the only way to correct the issue is to undergo a Root Canal. Choosing to make some advance preparations will make things a lot easier during and after the procedure. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Discuss Any Anxiety Issues

If the patient is currently dealing with an anxiety disorder, that information needs to be shared with the dental professional in advance. This is especially true if the plan is to administer some type of sedative in preparation for the Root Canal. The professional can provide guidelines regarding whether or not to take the anxiety medication prior to the procedure, and ensure that whatever sedative is used will not interact with the medication.

Stay Away From Blood Thinners

Go over all medications prior to the procedure, since some prescription and over the counter medications can thin the blood. In many cases, it’s fine to stop taking the medicine the day before the procedure. The dental professional will make specific recommendations based on the type and dosage of the medicine.

Arrange for an Escort

If there is the chance of needing sedation for the procedure, make sure to bring along a friend or family member who can drive the patient home. In the hours after the work is finished, many people are groggy and have no business behind the wheel of a vehicle. Having someone around who can listen carefully to the instructions about after care is also a good thing.

Buy Soft Foods

For a day or two at least, the patient may need to ingest soft foods only. That helps to reduce the odds of chewing on the side where the dental work was done and triggering a lot of pain. Load up on foods that are tasty and don’t require much chewing.

When any type of dental issue arises, it pays to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Visit today and make arrangements for an appointment. Depending on what type of problem exists, it may be possible to correct the issue in an hour or less.

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