How to Reduce the Storm Damage in Wichita

Rain is good for people and the eco system in general. However, when the signs are more of a storm than just normal rainfall, the effects are unpredictable. Heavy storms are known to leave a lot of damage behind. If you live in an area that may be affected by a storm, here are some tips on how you can reduce Storm Damage in Wichita.

1. Before the storms begin, ensure that you regularly check your roof and gutters. Clear any dirt and debris in your gutters and drainage and ensure that all your roofing tiles and shingles are held well in place to avoid being blown off.

2. Cut off tree branches that may be hanging over your roof or building. Their back and forth movement during the storm can cause enormous damage.

3. Keep all your precious documents in a water proof container and if there is any information stored in your computer, make sure you back it up.

4. Move most of the things on a higher ground or upstairs where possible storm water cannot reach them. When building or renovating, consider calamities like storms and use materials such as tiles which cannot be easily damaged by water especially on the ground floors and basements.

5. Before the storm, ensure that you have a fully charged mobile phone emergency contacts, torch, blankets, first aid kits and food supplies.

What to do after a Heavy Storm

In case the storm affected your house and property, make sure you stay and move the children and pets in safe areas away from the water. Do not dry to savage anything as you might get ill from the possible contaminated water.

Do not touch any electrical wires and if the water has covered electrical wires, make sure that none of your family members passes through the water. This might cause electrocution. Call the necessary authorities and make sure that you all safely exit the house.

When faced with storm damage take care and, make sure you get all the facts right. For more information about storm damage in Wichita, visit website of ACT Emergency Clean-up. Their services are affordable.

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