Identifying the Reason Behind a Chimney Leak in Silver Spring

Identifying the Reason Behind a Chimney Leak in Silver Spring

If an individual is experiencing Chimney Leak Silver Spring, the cause of the leak can typically be narrowed down to a few reasons. If a homeowner has checked the following reasons and none of them seem to be the cause, the leak may not be coming from the chimney.

Rain Going in From the Top of the Chimney

If a chimney does not have a cover, the chances are rain is making its way straight down into the chimney. While the cause of the leak is often due to a lack of cover, this is even more common if the liner is made from metal. Chimney covers not only keep rain out but also help the homeowner avoid getting birds and other animals inside of the chimney, so it is wise to invest in one. If this appears to be the cause of the leak, it is time to call a professional for repairs.

The Chimney Crown Is Cracked

If the cement part on top of the chimney, known as the chimney crown, is cracked, it could be the culprit that is causing the leak. It is not unusual for cracks to occur due to the shifting of the structure or from shrinkage. When there are cracks in the crown, water is able to escape through very easily, leading to leaking issues.

The Leak Could Be Due to Condensation

If the chimney does not have a properly sized liner, it is possible for it to leak from the inside out because of condensation. This is more common when it comes to older houses because many of them do not have lined chimneys. Check the walls around the chimney to make sure there is no condensation or water damage there.

Chimney Flashing

It is important to know that the flashing works to keep water from getting to where the brick structure comes through the roof. There is typically a pretty large space between the roof and bricks and, if the area is not sealed, water will begin to pour through that gap. If the hole is currently uncovered, this could be the cause of the Chimney Leak Silver Spring.

There are many possible causes to consider when it comes to a leaking chimney. If any of the above are evident in the home, it is time to contact Reliable Roofers Inc to have repairs taken care of immediately.

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