Implants in Cheshire – What Happens Before, During and Afterwards?

Do you have cracked or missing teeth? Are you keen to improve your smile and get a surge of confidence? If so, you may consider visiting dentists for cosmetic implants in Cheshire. A brilliant option for boosting self-esteem, these artificial tooth replacements offer a natural-looking enhancement that proves ideal for the typical denture wearer. Designed to look and feel like real teeth, the success rate exceeds 95 percent and looking after them is easy. If you would like to gain further peace of mind about these services, discover what happens step-by-step from the very first consultation.

Dental Examination and Bone Quality

For the long-term success of implants in Cheshire, a lot of planning and preparation must take place beforehand. When you pick up the phone and arrange a consultation with a cosmetic dentist, he or she will immediately start minimising potential risks by finding out about your dental history. Soon after, a visit will be arranged and during this visit, CT scanning or x-rays will be used to examine the jaws and teeth. Sinus cavities, nerves and anatomical structures will be located, before the professional determines whether or not the implant site has enough bone quality.

The Process of Fitting Implants

The second stage of the dental implant process will involve getting bone grafted into the jaw. Dentists specialising in implants in Cheshire will choose between four main types of bone graft – xenograft, alloplastic, autogeneous and allograft. Once a bone graft has been chosen, the gum incision will be opened and an attachment fitted, before the implant and replacement tooth are joined together. Ideal for the replacement of broken or damaged teeth, the straightforward procedure could take as little as 30 minutes to complete. In most cases, the procedure will not take longer than four hours.

Caring for Cosmetic Implants

Most dentists performing this type of cosmetic dentistry will provide the patient with a strong painkiller to numb any pain after the procedure has been completed. The healing process varies from a couple of weeks to a number of months, but you can speed up the healing process with good aftercare. To ensure implants last a lifetime you ought to take care of your investment by trying to quit smoking, getting regular dental check-ups and using an antibacterial toothpaste to keep problems at bay.
Implants in Cheshire is just one type of cosmetic dentistry available through Westgate Dental Practice. You can browse their website for more information.


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