Importance of a Drug Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Were you recently charged with a drug offense? If so, you may not know what to do. After all, everyone has heard about the devastating things that can happen to a person convicted of drug related crimes. That is the most important notion to keep in mind. All charges do not result in convictions, and prosecutors are responsible for proving the allegations against defendants. Where there is reasonable doubt, there will likely be an acquittal, dismissal or reduced charges. This works out in the favor of defendants, but some defendants do not understand the importance of having legal representation. They may be quick to rush and agree to pleas without having consulted with aDrug Attorney in Minneapolis MN.

An attorney should be involved in your case because they are familiar with federal and state laws. They can also inform you of potential consequences of convictions. As far as the evidence against you, a Drug Attorney in Minneapolis MN, can file motions and explain to judges why certain evidence should be suppressed. Sometimes judges agree, and other times they decide to allow information pertaining to the case to remain. Even if there is a whole mountain of evidence against you, an attorney may be able to create enough reasonable doubt to a jury. In other words, the prosecutor may assume they have a slam dunk case when all of a sudden the defense shoots a three pointer that wins the case.

If you need representation for your drug case, Visit the Website of Brandt Criminal Defense. In the meantime, do not discuss your case. Sometimes people taint their own defenses by talking to the wrong people. Even people you see as friends could turn on you if there is something to be gained for them. Witnesses have been known to switch sides. A consultation will be needed to determine the specifics of your case, and you need to be honest about the circumstances with your attorney. Defense attorneys can prepare the best defenses when they are fully aware of everything. Surprises in the courtroom from prosecutors can put dents in cases.


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