Important Tips to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Paving Contractor

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Business

Do you have a paving project that needs to be completed and are considering hiring commercial paving contractors in Santa Cruz, CA? If so, then you need to ensure that things are done right the first time around, so you need a highly experienced company. Below are some important tips to guide you in choosing the right contractor.

1. Support Local

Are you hiring a commercial paving contractor for the first time or have you previously hired one? It is advisable that you hire a local commercial paving contractor who has previously worked in your area. You need to factor in the climatic conditions before hiring a contractor as well.

2. Check Qualifications

Since commercial paving work is more extensive than residential work in most cases, it is important that you ensure your contractor has the right equipment and skill to get a flawless and durable surface. Always verify a company’s credentials by checking their license, insurance information, and reputation.

3. Contact References

Ask your prospective contractor to provide you with a list of references before hiring them. Contact their recent clients and ask them about their work. You can also request their portfolio to read through their projects and go through pictures of the results.

4. Ask Several Questions

Any experienced commercial paving contractor will be ready and happy to answer any relevant questions you might have concerning their work. Ensure you ask the contractor what type of work they specialize in, where they get their materials from, and if they offer warranties. A warranty is important.

5. Always Request a written contract

After weighing out your options and selecting a commercial paving contractor, always request a written contract that contains details of materials and labor. This is extremely important.

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