Information about Physical Therapists in Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Health

A physical therapist assists patients in the rehabilitation of their body. They help the injured improve their movement and learn how to manage their pain. Physical Therapists in Salt Lake City Utah offer rehabilitation, treatment, and prevention of injuries in their patients.

A physical therapist has the goal to rehabilitate you. Upon achieving this goal they will review the patient’s medical history to help diagnose them. The Physical Therapists in Salt Lake City Utah will observe the patient’s movements and listen to any concerns that they have. After observation of the patient’s movements, they will customize a therapy for them to follow. The therapy will consist of exercises, stretching, and use of equipment to help prevent further injury and pain. The therapy will help the patient regain movement and learn to manage the pain that they have.

After a therapy regimen is established, the therapist will move the physical therapy from the office to the patient’s home. The patient will most likely come in for period checks to make sure they are following their regimen and progress is being made. After time, the physical therapist will change the patient’s regimen to better fit their needs. This may consist of harder exercises and stretching more often. The physical therapist will take note of the patient’s progress and modify the therapy as needed.

The physical therapist will also educate the patient about their therapy and why it is needed. They will also tell the patient and family what should be expected during this recovery process. A Physical therapist assists a broad range of patients. Physical therapy is not limited to adults. The Therapist also assist children. Therapy is used for people who have neck and back issues, sprains, broken bones, arthritis, and injuries related to sports or work. The physical therapist will develop a regimen to rehabilitate the patient. The patient will be given an exercise and therapy plan to follow. Some therapies include the use of crutches, canes, wheelchairs, and walkers to assist the patient’s therapy. The physical therapist will set goals for the patient to achieve during their therapy. Click Here to learn more about a physical therapist and what they do.

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