Injured by a Negligent Driver? Hire an Accident Attorney in Holland, MI

When a person is hurt in an accident, they are often in pain and don’t know what to do next. After they receive the appropriate medical care, they should consider how the accident happened. If it was caused by another driver who was speeding, drinking or even looking down at directions, then it was caused by a negligent driver. The injured person should then Meet with an accident attorney in Holland MI to file a claim for damages. This claim would be filed with the negligent driver’s insurance company. The damages could be used to pay for medical bills and lost income. They can also compensate a person for emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

The Accident Attorney will work with the medical team to determine precisely what injuries were sustained during the accident. In addition they will list in detail the medical treatment that will be necessary for the patient to recover and how long it will take. They then will have to determine how much it will cost. If the injured person will have to miss work to recover, then the lawyer will also have to calculate how much money is being lost due to the accident. If the injured person is now traumatized every time ride in a car, then they are entitled to compensation for emotional trauma. Once this information is available, he will submit claim outlining the injuries and how they were caused by the negligent driver.

It’s rare for an insurance company to accept a claim for damages as submitted. Doctors and other experts that work for the insurance company will review it carefully to find a reason to reject it. They may claim that the back injury isn’t that severe and the injured driver should return to work. The Accident Attorney in Holland MI will have to counter with other medical experts who can bolster their findings. This can be very stressful for the injured person who is desperately trying to recover. The lawyer will focus on proving the case. He will also act as a buffer between the driver and the insurance company. That prevents the insurance company from bullying the person into dropping their claim for damages.
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