Is a Career in Journalism Right for You? Choose the Right Graduate Programs

Is a Career in Journalism Right for You? Choose the Right Graduate Programs

As more and more seniors are attending college, most people are focusing on graduate programs immediately after their undergraduate goal is complete. It makes sense that you learn as much as you can to stay competitive in today’s workforce. Those who want a career in Journalism often have even harder times getting a job because the rules have changed so much and people need more education to keep up with the times.

Get Ahead

The effort you take to get your Master’s degree can help you get more job opportunities and a better salary, depending on the area and your industry. Likewise, you may find that graduate programs open even more doors, as many employers want people with higher levels of education, even higher than an undergrad degree. If Journalism is your primary goal, you’ll be able to consider niche areas, such as being a fine-arts journalist, which ensures that you stay in your area of expertise or the area in which you’re most passionate.

Go Deeper

Being a journalist isn’t just about writing something and turning it in. You’ll most likely deal with other professionals, whether interviewing them or discussing options. Therefore, you’ll need to learn how to communicate, but you’ll also need to understand the theories of writing, as well.

Plus, most bachelor and undergrad degrees allow you to take more general education while graduate programs help you focus on an in-depth exploration of your preferred study area. Along with such, you’ll be able to research various areas that interest you and can even choose which topic to do for the thesis (within the guidelines and rules).

Journalism is an excellent area of study and can open up many doors. Visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago at to see their list of graduate programs.

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