Is It Time to Replace Your Residential Windows?

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

While windows are made to last for a long time, the day eventually comes when they must be replaced. Perhaps your house is due for a home window replacement Marin County. If any of the following applies to your windows, it’s time to call a contractor.

Raising Some of the Sashes Takes a Lot of Effort

There’s no doubt that several of the window sashes stick. It takes a lot of effort on your part to raise them even part of the way. At times, it’s too much trouble to bother with them. Now is definitely the time to think about a complete home window replacement Marin County so you can let fresh air in the house any time that you like.

While Others Won’t Remain Open

With a few of the windows, it’s no problem to raise the sashes. The issue is getting the sash to remain that way. After a moment or two, the sashes crash down. Along with jarring your nerves, it’s getting troublesome to find something to prop those sashes every time you want to let some air into the home. Now is the right time to have those aging windows replaced.

You’re Tired of Feeling a Breeze Even When the Window is Close

A breeze is great when you want one. Having a steady breeze when the window is closed doesn’t work as well. Instead of putting up with the problem, consider calling a professional and get some information about a total home window replacement Marin County. Once the work is done, you’ll only have breezes inside when you want them.

Call today and ask about the options available with today’s windows. Along with being more energy efficient, opting for a different window style may be right for your home. After meeting with the contractor and going over the options, it will be easy to settle on the solution that’s right for you.

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