Items Heating Contractors Look at When Establishing a Heating Plan for the Home

Items Heating Contractors Look at When Establishing a Heating Plan for the Home

A properly balanced heating system provides both warmth and efficiency to a space. Since all homes are configured differently, each system must be customized to provide this balance. There are several things that the contractor will take into consideration in regards to configuration of the heating system.

The amount of square footage in the home is something that the Heating Contractors will consider when establishing a heating plan. Heaters are designed to pump out a certain amount of warmth per square footage. If the system is too small for the home, it will work overtime trying to keep up the temperature. This will result in high wear and tear on the machine as well as a major increase in the usage of energy. If the system is too big, energy will be wasted because of inefficiency.

The configuration of the home is another item considered with a heating plan. This determines whether or not the home should be zoned to help with increasing the heating efficiency. Highly compartmentalized homes may receive more benefits from this type of plan instead of more open spaces where zoning can be less efficient due to the inability to block off different areas. This will also determine the configuration of the duct work and where air returns should be placed.

The potential amount of energy leakage is something else to talk about with the Heating Contractors. There are ways to help increase the efficiency of the heating system. The entire home should be evaluated for energy problems prior to the installation of the heating system. This includes a check of the duct work to ensure that it is not leaking or damaged. An inadequate ducting run may need additional lengths added onto it to provide a proper amount of air flow to the rooms.

Heating plans are dependent on the home’s square footage, the configuration of the home and the potential areas of energy leakage. Since each home is unique, a discussion with a contractor can help establish the balance between comfort and savings. For more information on a heating plan or for a home evaluation, contact Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning.

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