Items that a Residential Electrician in Council Bluffs Should Address Before Selling a Home

One of the big ticket items checked during a home inspection is the electrical system. If this system is not up to par, the sale price is either negotiated way down, or the buyers will simply walk away. Maximizing the value of the home means treating the electrical system as an investment. These are some items to have evaluated by an electrician before the home goes on the market.

New electrical codes require the use of GFCI outlets in the bathrooms and kitchens. Any type of improvement of these areas will require this type of upgrade. This outlet will trip automatically if water gets into them. This is one of the items that a home inspector will check. Swapping out the outlets will help ensure that the system meets the current code. It is also easier to do this step rather than spend time trying to decide who has to pay for the job.

Another thing that a home inspector will look at is making sure that the electrical panel for the breakers is labeled. Proper labeling is really a safety issue. It allows the homeowner to quickly turn off power if a problem develops. Older panels may have worn off writing. If the panel has been replaced by someone who is not qualified, the breakers may not be properly loaded.

The outlets are also checked to make sure they are working properly. A Residential Electrician in Council Bluffs can address any problems that result from a broken outlet. The issue can be as simple as a wire that has come loose. However, if the outlet was not installed correctly, the entire wiring may have to be redone. Depending on the extent of non-working outlets, the whole room may have to be evaluated for issues. There is a possibility that the breaker may also be overloaded.

These are just some of the electrical components that a home inspector evaluates. If there are issues, they will be listed in the report. This can cause potential problems in the negotiating process. Identifying and addressing the issues will prevent a downgrade in the price. Check out website if you intend on selling your home and suspect that there are some issues that need to be addressed prior to listing it.

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