Key Steps to Finding a Quality Pest Control Service

Key Steps to Finding a Quality Pest Control Service

Pest problems can result in property damage and health diseases. While you can certainly kill the occasional roach or two, an infestation is going to be much harder and complex to deal with. That is why finding a pest control service is a crucial step in making your home pest-free. Here’s what you should do:

Do not rush into it

Do not hire the first one you find. Take time to properly explore your options, research, and go online to look for services near you. Doing so will help you get a short-list of candidates together.

Ask about the company’s experience

Determine the company’s length of experience. How long has the company been in business? Has it been long enough to build a reputation? As in most services provided, it is always reassuring hiring a company with years of experience in pest management.

Request for a list of references

Do not waste references and chuck them into a drawer or leave them in your inbox; call up the numbers. This will give you good insight into how the company works with its clients and if their services were satisfactory or not.

Check their credentials

Commercial pesticide applicators need to be licensed and certified, states the EPA. Do they have someone with those credentials on board? What about the rest of the crew? Do they have enough experience, training and skill in dealing with different types of pests? That will matter – especially if you are dealing with more than one.

Know the signs

Pay attention to your home. Check for any moisture in the nooks and crannies. Look within your closets. Check your books. If you see any signs your books have been eaten through, you most likely have a termite infestation in your home. It is important to call a pest control service for help as soon as you can if you identify any one of these signs.

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