Laser Hair Removal: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Skin Treatment

Being stubble-free for the rest of your life can be a worthy aim. If you’re tired of nicking yourself while you shave or spending money on painful bikini waxes, then opting for laser hair removal in West Vancouver may be the right move on your part. Read through the following to get an idea of what you can expect during the treatment.

There’s less pain

There is some degree of discomfort that may be associated with the procedure, but it’s a lot less painful than what you probably imagine. Also, some machines come with a cooling mechanism, which helps to alleviate the discomfort by a lot, the Cosmopolitan says. You’ll want to ask about that before you make an appointment at the salon for a laser hair removal in West Vancouver.

Don’t rush

Heat can make the discomfort much worse. If you’ve been sweating and your body is hot due to having run a few blocks just to get to your appointment on time, then that could make the session a mite more painful. We suggest coming in early for your treatment, so you won’t need to rush. That way, you’ll be much more comfortable during the session.

Be patient

You’re not going to see results until after the eighth or tenth session, more or less. If you expect the hair to fall off right after your first session, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Adjust your expectations before you sign up for the treatments.

Schedule on a weekday

You don’t have to cram all your sessions into the weekend. Because the process only takes about 20 minutes, it is easy to find slots for the treatment even during a work-week. That makes it much more convenient for you to attend your next session.

Get rid of unwanted hair. Look into what laser treatments can do for you.

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