Laundry Tips to Avoid the Need for Early System Pumping by Septic Tank Companies in Olympia, WA

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Septic Tanks

People who have always lived in a municipality may need to change some of their water use habits when they move to a rural residence with a septic system. They might need to adjust the way they do their laundry, for example. Workers Septic Tank Companies in Olympia WA must pump and inspect the equipment as recommended, which typically is every two or three years.

Spread Out the Loads

Spacing the laundry loads apart instead of doing several in a row is easier on the system. Many people get in the habit of doing all the week’s laundry on Saturday morning, for instance, but that can overload a septic tank. They might wash one load in the morning and one in the afternoon, then do a couple more on a different day.

Minimize Bleach Usage

The friendly bacteria in the septic tank break down solids. It’s important not to deplete those bacteria, which can be harmed by harsh chemicals. If the family is accustomed to using laundry detergent containing bleach, that should not be avoided. A little bleach can be added when it’s really needed, but this chemical should not be used routinely in the washing machine.

Install a Lint Filter

If the family has never used a lint filter for the drain line, that helps prevent the tank from gradually accumulating too many bits of fabric and needing early pumping by one of the Septic Tank Companies in Olympia WA. A lint filter also helps prevent sewer backups, since the material can catch onto tiny tree roots that have invaded loose joints in the underground sewer pipe. Cheap and effective screening devices that hook onto hoses emptying into a sink or floor drain are available at many kinds of stores.

Concluding Thoughts

These may seem like insignificant steps, but they can make a big difference in how well the septic system works. Having the tank occasionally pumped and inspected by a company such as Advanced Septic & Construction Services is another important strategy. The technicians can provide insight into any problems they notice, which might include evidence that the household residents are flushing items other than organic waste and toilet paper.

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