How to Make (Lite) Work of Time and Attendance Systems

by | Jul 14, 2017 | HR software

Businesses that look within their current employees and teams can improve output by using time and attendance systems. These tools which monitor employee productivity are more efficient and effective than trying to manage time theft without software and data.

Using Technology to Benefit Your Team

When employees fully understand how time and attendance systems are used, they will benefit from the technology as time tracking replaces paper or card sheet systems. Employees will see that their work is accurately recorded rather than mismanaged. The software makes employees more productive, and they will be paid accurately for their work and input.

The data from time and attendance systems is simply transferred into the company payroll system, and every employee will be paid accurately and efficiently. This reduces the errors within the system and encourages a larger relevance for trust between employees and HR departments.

For the employer, they will be able to track the working hours more proficiently which can mean a reduction in the HR team. Alternately, the HR team can be used more professionally instead of trying to deduce whether an employee worked a specific hour or not in the past.

The employer will be able to reduce time theft where an employee could use the paper or punching system to start the working hours for a fellow employee when they were still outside of the premises.

Although this may seem a simple matter, time theft rapidly increases the expenses related to the company and how they operate and this, in turn, will reduce the company’s profits, leaving fewer funds to be reinvested in the business or to pay employees a higher income.

Both employer and employee will enjoy fewer errors within the bookkeeping systems. Where an employee is paid accurately, there is less wasted time for employees and HR departments trying to chase the result of a potential mistake.

The time and attendance systems provide detailed information for the employee and employer so that any queries about sick days and vacation days remaining are easily available from the software system.

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