Myths About Teeth Bleaching: Busted!

For anyone who have considered teeth bleaching in River West, you have probably come across a number of myths. There are many myths associated with teeth whitening, in fact, and if you keep reading, you will likely find that many of the ‘facts’ you thought were true about teeth bleaching are actually quite false.

Myth – Teeth Whitening Damages the Tooth Enamel

Many people don’t whiten their teeth because they think that it might damage the enamel. This, however, is not true. Most tooth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are both safe for the teeth. In both cases, the peroxide, which is what bleaches the teeth, will convert to oxygen, which is safe and will not cause damage.

Myth – All Teeth Whiteners Are the Same

False! The truth is, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are very different. Though you might achieve the same results, the process is not the same at all. With hydrogen peroxide whiteners, the substance is put into a gel that is put right onto the surface of the teeth for minutes or hours, depending on the strength. Over a few days, the teeth gradually get whiter. With carbamide peroxide, the process takes a lot longer, which is why this type of whitener is often accelerated with a light.

Myth – You Can’t Whiten the Teeth if You Have a Crown, Bridge, Implant or Denture

Finally, you might have heard that you can’t whiten the teeth if you have a dental appliance in the mouth, such as a bridge, crown, or implant. Again, this is not true. You can whiten with the teeth even with these items in, just check with your dentist before you start, as some of them have cement that might not be compatible with all whitening products. If in doubt, consider a professional whitening experience.

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