Options for Medical Weight Loss CT

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Business & Economics

Trying to lose weight may seem like a losing battle at times. No matter how much you diet or exercise, you can get stuck, and it is very frustrating. You do not have to try and overcome this alone. There are a number of medical weight loss solutions that can help. Knowing the options for medical weight loss CT can be a great way to get you back on track and get your weight loss started again.

Medical Weight Loss Solutions are medically supervised, so they can be tailored to individual needs. A physician does an extensive physical and testing to figure out the best way to help you lose weight quickly and, most importantly, safely. They can also work with health concerns, dietary issues and medical issues to ensure that the option for medical weight loss CT that you choose is the best for you.

Medically supervised weight loss programs generally utilize very low calories diets to achieve weight loss of up to 3-5 pounds per week. These kinds of diets are not safe to use unless under the care of a physician. You will be monitored, normally weekly, to ensure that the diet is not causing any health problem and to give you moral and mental support to continue on the program. These programs also offer maintenance care for extended periods after the desired weight loss is achieved to help prevent you from gaining the weight back.

The programs vary in length based on the patients’ needs and desired weight loss. Typical programs will last 4, 6, or 12 weeks, so the time commitment is not significant. Depending on the plan, you may eat prepackaged meals or a combination of these meals and food that you prepare on your own. If a large amount of weight loss is needed, a liquid diet may be recommended for the first few weeks. Some doctors will also prescribe an appetite suppressant if it is medically appropriate and the patient desires it.

Weight loss is not just about looking better, it is also about improving your overall health and protecting your health in the future. If you are thinking about losing weight now, call a medical weight loss clinic to find out more information about your options. The weight loss you want could be easier than you think

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