Patio Doors in Washington, DC Are Available in Insulated Styles

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Home Improvement

When homeowners installed a patio door in the past, the door typically provided little in the way of security. However, nowadays you can choose this type of door in a number of attractive styles – designs that also come with insulation and accessories such as blinds.

That is why patio doors in Washington, DC are popular choices for homeowners. Not only do they expand the looks of a living space (by bringing the outside indoors), they also lower the cost of what is paid in heating and cooling.

Patio Door Materials and Accessories

Patio doors come in center-hinged designs as well as sliding and swinging styles. They can be made of either steel or vinyl. Along with the door, you can include the following accessories:

  • Built-in mini blinds
  • Sliding screens

Add Mini Blinds for Additional Privacy and Light Control

As mentioned, patio doors can be designed with insulation. Mini blinds can also be installed that increase privacy and enable the homeowner to control the natural light coming into the house. The blinds can be lowered, raised, or tilted by using fingertip-operated adjustment slides. If you include the blinds, they normally come with a 10-year warranty.

Some of the Features and Options

Depending on the style of patio doors you choose, you can enjoy such features as multi-point locking handles and glazed, energy-efficient glass. You can also opt for such amenities as gray, bronze, or green tinted glass. A key lock is also available for all the doors’ hardware. In addition, the doors can also be configured with two, three, or four panel designs. Both standard and custom sizes are available.

Take Advantage of Today’s Design Technology

You can customize the look of your door by using a software program. To find out more about this design amenity, click here for the details. Expand your living space and enhance the looks of your home. Install a new patio door today.

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