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by | Mar 29, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Florida law mandates that auto owners purchase a minimum amount of personal injury protection or PIP insurance to cover themselves and their passengers in case of an accident. PIP insurance covers medical and other expenses no matter which driver is at fault, and here at Shuster& Saben we can explain to Jacksonville residents exactly what this means to them.

The PIP insurance lawyer Jacksonville residents trust to handle all their PIP injury cases are the skilled professionals at Shuster & Saben. We are up to date and current on all the rules and regulations regarding taking a PIP injury case to the courts and will help our client get all that they are entitled to.

Things to Know Prior to PIP Cases
There are several things you can discuss with a PIP insurance lawyer in Jacksonville at Shuster & Saben at your appointment. For one thing, it’s vital to get medical attention within two weeks of your car accident. If not, it will not be coverable under PIP insurance law in Florida.

Also, a skilled PIP insurance lawyer in Jacksonville can discuss possible payments regarding a PIP claim. For instance, PIP insurance in Florida can cover up to 80 percent of all of your medical expenses, including medication, rehab and dental. Plus, it potentially can cover up to 60 percent of lost wages, and offers up to $5,000 payment in case of death for things like funeral expenses.

What Happens if PIP Insurance Isn’t Enough?
Another issue that a Shuster & Saben PIP insurance lawyer in Jacksonville can discuss with a client is whether or not your medical expenses incurred in a covered accident were an emergency or if they were minor injuries. An emergency case that has to be seen by the doctor immediately that is life or death in nature pays out more than one that is considered minor.

Therefore, if your PIP insurance coverage isn’t enough to cover all of your medical bills and other expenses, then one of our professional and knowledgeable attorneys can help you to seek out other possible compensation options if you were not the at fault driver.

The bottom line is that if you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and have PIP insurance, we can supply a PIP insurance lawyer Jacksonville residents can trust to protect their interests in the case of a covered auto accident, so make an appointment to talk to us today.

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