Plumbing 101; a primer on pipes and fittings

Plumbing 101; a primer on pipes and fittings

Many years ago state of the art plumbing consisted of lead water supply pipes and cast iron drainage pipes. These materials will still be seen but only when a house is being renovated and the ancient plumbing is being taken and replaced with PVC plastic, copper and cross-linked polyethylene pipes and fittings. Although the materials have changed and the techniques of the plumbing installation in Salinas CA has changed with it, it is still the skills of a plumber that is the key to how well the system works when the job is finished. It makes no difference if a PVC pipe leaks or there is a leak in an old cast iron drain, the result can be damage that can run into hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars.

There is a great deal more to plumbing installation in Salinas CA that an innate knowledge of the codes and the rules that apply. A well thought out and executed plumbing installation starts on the drawing board; the proper design of a system that does not leak and drains in the proper direction is as much art as it is science. When you watch a skilled plumber lay out a new plumbing installation you will see him take into account future maintenance, he will use material in such a way to reduce the amount of waste and scrap and takes particular care in preparing the joints so they last as long as the pipes.

A plumbing system is actually simple to understand, it is little more than clean water coming into the house at pressure through one set of pipes and dirty water exiting the house through non-pressurized drains. Although hoes on the washing machine might break and washers in the fittings may wear out; the underlying system of pipes and fittings should last for many trouble free years.

There are a few things that the best plumbers will do when undertaking a plumbing installation in Salinas CA. They will place a shutoff valve at every fixture or appliance; this allows the homeowner to isolate a problem area without having to disrupt the water supply to the entire house. It is also extremely important that there are vents in reasonably close proximity to the drains. Without adequate venting the system will exhibit one of two problems; either the water will not flow quickly or if there is a vacuum in the system it can easily pull the standing water from the traps throughout the system.

There is far more to a plumbing installation than meets the eye, make sure the plumber you engage has the knowledge and experience to do the job and do it right.

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