Prepare to Speak With Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Springfield, MA

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Lawyers

Certain classes of people are protected from discrimination in any form. This doesn’t mean they can never be fired from a job, but they cannot be fired for being a part of that protected class. If a person is fired because of their protected status, they may have the option of suing their former employer for compensation for their lost wages. In these cases, they’ll need to hire a lawyer to be sure they have a case and be sure they get the results they’re looking for.

Before a person contacts one of the Wrongful Termination Lawyers Springfield MA, they will want to be sure they have as much evidence as possible. They can write down anything that was said to them that led them to believe they were being fired because of their protected status. They should write down any harassment they suffered from or anything derogatory that was said to them by an employer. Writing it down allows them to get it on paper before details are forgotten or changed simply because of the length of time from the incident.

They may also want to obtain help from current or former employees of the same business by having them be witnesses. This can be an essential part of the proof and can definitely help the person’s case. A person will want to give the contact information for any potential witnesses to their lawyer, so having this written down ahead of time is handy.

The person should also think about any other evidence they have that details their protected status or that they were fired for being part of a protected status. Everything they can come up with should be put together to give to the lawyer. The lawyer will determine if it’s needed, and it’s always better to have too much information rather than not enough.

Once the person has all the evidence they can think of, they’re ready to speak with one of the Wrongful Termination Lawyers Springfield MA. The lawyer will listen to their side of the story and review the evidence to determine if they have a case. If so, the lawyer can usually start working on the case right away. For more information on how this works, contact Connor Morneau & Olin today.

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