Preparing for Your Eye Doctor Appointment

Whether you go to annual checkups or you only go when you notice something wrong, it can be hard to prepare for an eye doctor appointment. What should you tell your eye doctor about your eyes? What should you bring with you? Read these tips to prepare for your next eye doctor appointment.

Give Yourself a Checkup

Often changes in eyes or sight can be so gradual you don’t notice them. Take a moment before going to the eye doctor to notice your vision. Are you squinting at your computer more than usual? Do you have headaches? Are you noticing any blurring, flashing, or dry eyes? Asking yourself questions like these can help you notice information vital for your doctor to know. Try keeping a list of symptoms to tell your doctor.

Bring the Necessary Items

Before your appointment, make sure you have documents like identification, insurance cards, and methods of payment. Look up what methods of payment your doctor takes beforehand, and try to find one in your insurance network if you have vision coverage. Also bring any current prescription glasses, contacts, and sunglasses. Sunglasses and someone else to drive you home are also helpful if the doctor dilates your eyes.

Prepare to Be Honest

Being honest leads to the best treatment. It might be hard to own up to something like wearing your contacts too long, but that information can be help the doctor. If the doctor knows you’re not taking proper care of your eyes, he or she can offer more treatment to compensate. Take time before your appointment to mentally prepare if you’re uncomfortable sharing these things.

Be Ready to Ask Questions

Whether you see an eye doctor in Lake Zurich or another city, find one you’re comfortable asking questions. In the appointment, you should ask about the current state of your eyes to prepare for future appointments. You should also be comfortable asking questions about any symptoms you noticed in your self-checkup. When finding an eye doctor for your appointment, it’s important to find one with whom you feel comfortable.

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