Promoting the Idea of Window Replacement in Omaha

Promoting the Idea of Window Replacement in Omaha

Some people feel that old windows offer a certain level of charm to a home, and while that isn’t always the case, there are plenty of old homes with a distinctive architecture where old windows round out the look of the home. However, even in these cases, old windows may not function very well, they may not offer the sort of protection a homeowner may want, and they may be woefully bad with energy efficiency. In these cases, window replacement in Omaha may need to be considered.


The first thing to think about as far as security and energy savings are concerned is that new windows can make a huge impact on the home. A homeowner can increase the level of security with more durable windows and shatterproof glass, something that many older windows don’t provide.

Saving Energy

As far as energy savings go, new window units don’t allow air to enter the home or escape the home. This may not seem like a big deal, but the reality is that even a window that is only leaking slightly can have a tremendous impact on the amount of energy needed to keep the home comfortable year round.

UV Protection

Another energy efficiency issue with window replacement in Omaha is many new windows have UV ray protection. This keeps a great deal of heat from sunlight out. This allows a room to be exposed to plenty of sunlight without introducing a significant amount of heat. In addition, with UV protected glass, sunlight on things like carpeting, window coverings or furniture will help prevent fading of the fabric.

An Investment

While it is true that replacing the windows in a home can be expensive, it is best to look at such a purchase as an investment rather than a simple expense. Not only can new windows save homeowner money on energy bills, but this upgrade can also actually improve the value of a home as well.

You may need new windows because of damage from a storm or a break in. However, your windows may need to be replaced, even if the windows are not damaged. Regardless, new windows can do your home a ton of good. To learn more about all the benefits of new windows, as well as your options for replacement windows, you may want to contact Lastime Exteriors for more information.

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