Reasons To Call Air Conditioning Contractors In Houston Tx

While the home heating and cooling system has worked well for years, things have not been the best during the current summer. Rather than assuming all will be well once winter arrives, it makes sense to call one of the Air Conditioning Contractors in Houston TX and find out what is happening with the unit. Here are some signs that the call needs to be made today.

Strange Noises

In years past, the unit operated without a lot of noise. In fact, it was so quiet that the homeowner sometimes had trouble telling if it was even operating. In the last few months, it seems as if some new sound develops every week. With a collection of clanks and clatters that seem to be endless, there is no doubt that the unit needs help. Even though it is still cooling the home, calling one of the Air Conditioning Contractors in Houston TX now may be the best way to avoid a major problem later.

Hot Spots In The House

The unit is not making that much noise, but certain parts of the house are no longer all that cool. There is a noticeable difference in the temperature and humidity level in the master bedroom versus the living room. In the past, the unit kept the two areas at the same temperature. Do not wait for more hot spots to develop. Call a professional and find out what is happening. The repair may not be as complex as the homeowner fears.

The Unit Runs All The Time

The summer has not been any hotter than usual, but the unit seems to run without shutting down. Even at night, it is still running without any breaks. Along with wasting energy, the house does not seem to be any cooler. After an inspection by a professional, it will be easier to know what is wrong and what can be done to correct the problem.

If the heating and cooling system is not working properly, now is the time to call the team at Air-Care Southeast Inc and find out what is happening. After taking a look at the unit, it will be possible to determine what sort of repair is needed, or if the time has come to think about a total system replacement.

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