Reasons To Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing In Houston TX

Reasons To Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing In Houston TX

Laser resurfacing procedures in Houston TX are an excellent way to reverse the damaging effects of aging, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits. Your skin is very sensitive to everyday toxins, which can change the texture, color, and quality. These lasers use rapid pulses of light to remove the upper layers of cells from the body, which can lead to tightening and smoothing of the surrounding area. It can also correct pigmentation problems and remove wrinkles.

When To Consider

If you notice that your face is damaged by the sun or has wrinkling from sun exposure, you may qualify for the procedure. Take a good look at your mouth and eye area, as well as the lower eyelids to see if there are any changes that make you look a lot older than you are.

You may also notice blotchiness or brown spots that start to pop up, scarring that makes any part of the body look uneven or some pre-cancerous growths.

If you have any of these problems, laser skin resurfacing in Houston TX could be the answer you need to eliminate those problems and reverse the signs of aging.


The advantages of such a procedure seem endless. For one thing, the areas treated with be tighter and smoother, but you’ll also receive long-lasting results. However, it should be understood that you probably won’t see permanent results, as once you continue doing what caused the problems, they will return. For example, being exposed to the sun could have caused the dark spots. If you keep going outside without sunscreen, the spots may return later.

Many devices are now approved for the facial area, as well as the hands, chest and neck areas. However, you’ll have to ask your doctor if their device is approved for the area you’re hoping to treat.

The drawbacks, while few, should also be noted. For example, some people experience an abnormal healing process, which means pigment changes and scarring are possible. The treatment can also aggravate current disorders, such as cold sores or allergic reactions and you may not be a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Reasons To Consider

Anytime the body doesn’t look its best, you want to correct it. However, specific times when you may want to consider the treatment include having a leathery face, fine wrinkles, blotchy or spotted areas or other reasons.

Laser skin resurfacing in Houston TX could be the answer you need to remove unwanted wrinkles, tighten up parts of the body and more. Visit Bella Rosa today to learn more.

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