Receive Compensation With The Assistance Of A Medical Negligence Lawyer In Norwich CT

Receive Compensation With The Assistance Of A Medical Negligence Lawyer In Norwich CT

Medical negligence affects thousands of people each year in the United States. In some situations, it is not clear that a medical mistake has happened until the patient and family members begin to discuss the situation. When a healthcare provider has injured an individual, they should contact a Medical Negligence Lawyer in Norwich CT as soon as possible.

A victim should never discuss their medical negligent concerns with the healthcare provider. Healthcare providers will immediately begin protecting themselves and possibly altering evidence in the case. During a free consultation, a victim will learn if their case is worth pursuing.

Statute Of Limitation

There is a limited amount of time of two years from the day the injury occurs or is discovered. This can be very important if the victim does not file a claim in a timely fashion. If a case is not filed in time, the victim will lose any rights to receive financial compensation.


An experienced Medical Negligence Lawyer in Norwich CT will thoroughly investigate the evidence in the case. A team of experienced individuals will review the medical records and treatment to determine if the duty of care was violated.


A victim can receive compensation for the medical bills caused by the negligent act. They can also receive loss of wages, pain, suffering, and much more with the help of a Medical Negligence Lawyer in Norwich CT. Future medical care and personal care will be included as part of the financial settlement.

Paying The Attorney

A victim never has to worry about paying an attorney from any of their own money. The attorney will receive compensation if they win a financial settlement on behalf of the victim. The attorney will discuss the percentage with the victim during the victim’s free evaluation.

Suffering in pain, limited mobility, and various health issues that were caused by medical negligence can be compensated with the help of Stephen M. Reck. He has many years of experience helping victims of medical negligence just like you. Browse the website to learn more about all of the services that are offered for personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

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