Replacement Windows in Westchester County NY

Filling in all the windows in a home is one of the major ways that can be used to make a home more energy efficient. There should only be solid walls so that there are less weak points. It is great justice to undertake immediate replacement of all damaged or old windows so as to reduce the energy related expenses. The following are the qualities that should be prioritized when looking for replacement windows in Westchester County NY.

1. Energy Star Label
The Energy Star label is used as a seal of approval. The energy rating is based on the ability of the windows to promote the blockage and transfer of heat coming from the sun. Look for a blue and white label that shows the manufacturer has reached the set standards.

2. Insulating Gases
Insulating gases are used in fixing the panels on the window’s framework. The gases are the preferred choice over the fluffy pink insulation which at the end of the day, they do not last to serve the intended purpose as they should. The commonly used gases are xenon, argon and krypton which firmly hold the panels into place preventing any penetration of air.

3. Multiple Panes
A window with a single pane will leak plenty of air to the inside of the house. Double panes or better still triple pane assists in improving the insulation of the home thus reducing the need for frequent heating. Efficiency in energy costs management of the home is greatly enhanced.

4. Sustainable Frame Materials
The ideal frame materials are those that are made from FSC wood. Alternatively, those made of composite or recycled materials would still be perfect for the job of protecting against dangerous chemicals such as the VOCs.

5. Low-e Coating
A super thin coating of metal and low emissivity glass is inserted in the airspace found between the panes. The coating can either reflect the sun’s radiation into the house so that it is warm in cold climates or it can reflect the radiation back in the hot temperatures.

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