Requirements for becoming a Realtor in Salt Lake City

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Real Estate

In order to successfully become a Realtor in Utah, you need to know what requirements you’ll need to acquire your license. Utah state law has put in place guidelines in order to make sure the people becoming Realtors know the rules and regulations to run an honest and legitimate business which will protect the rights of the buyers and sellers. Salt Lake City is no different than the rest of the state, and in order to get your license you’ll need to pass exams and meet other specific requirements. Most of these requirements you’ll be able to meet when taking your real estate course, but as it is with most things in life, knowing what you need before you begin is always the most sensible option. Here’s a few guidelines on the requirements you’ll need to meet before you can legally work as a realtor in Salt Lake City:

Enroll in a Course

In order to be granted your license you’ll need to have completed a 120 hour real estate course with a “pre-license real estate education curriculum” approved academic institution.  An online real estate school in Salt Lake City is often the preferred course for new agents, as they offer a flexible learning schedule enabling the student to carry on with their current employment until the time of completion. Online real estate schools in Salt Lake City meet all the requirements for Utah state guidelines, so don’t worry if you want to sell property anywhere else in the state. As long as you pass a Utah approved pre-license realtor course then you can practice anywhere in Utah.

Meet the Statutory State Legal Qualifications

To be granted your license and begin practicing as a realtor, you need to meet certain legal guidelines. These include upholding the qualities of being honest and truthful at all times and keeping your integrity and reputation to a high standard. You also need to prove competency.

Criminal Record?

The Utah state guidelines specifically rule out anyone from being able to attain a Realtor license if they have committed a felony within 5 years of applying, beginning from the of the completion of any court hearings or the beginning of jail time. Also if the student has any misdemeanors on their record involving fraud, theft or dishonesty they cannot apply for 3 years.

Pass the Sales Agent Exam

The Sales Agent exam will be explained to all pre-licensed Realtors during the real estate course. The online real estate schools in Salt Lake City, as well as the rest of Utah, will come with exam preparation resources to help you fully prepare for taking your exam.

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