Safety Guidelines for Using a Gas Water Heater in Colorado Springs CO

A gas storage Water Heater in Colorado Springs CO is an appliance that enables household users to have sanitary water heated to a desired level for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. A storage water heater that uses natural gas as an energy source can save a person money in monthly utility expenses. However, using natural gas also brings possible risks. For this reason, it’s a good idea to implement these safety guidelines when handling, maintaining, operating, or repairing a water heater.

It’s a good idea for a homeowner to thoroughly read and understand a user’s manual before operating a Water Heater in Colorado Springs CO. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the manufacturer of the water heater or person who installed the device. When a person moves into a home that already has a water heater, a copy of the user’s manual can be ordered from the manufacturer or obtained online usually.

When this type of water heater is installed, it should not be directly set on carpeting. Carpeting should have a piece of metal or wood panel. Not doing this could result in a fire. A gas water heater must have the right amount of air for proper combustion. For this reason, a gas water heater should not be installed into a confined area. Air ventilation should never be obstructed. Failure to provide adequate air ventilation could result in a fire or explosion.

An accumulation of soot requires correction before continuing use of the water heater. Power to the water heater should be turned off until repairs can be made. Not doing this can result in serious personal injury or even death from an explosion. A water heater with a draft hood must be correctly ventilated to a chimney that allows gases to exit a home. A water heater must be ventilated to the outdoors to prevent an explosion or asphyxiation.

Using natural gas to operate a water heater is very popular due to its cost-saving benefits. However, the use of natural gas should be done with caution and preparation. For more information on water heaters, a person can talk to a professional at Jazy Frei Plumbing & Heating. This company can handle residential and commercial services to help customers have improved satisfaction.

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